WeCare Medical Referral Non-profit

United Way Announces New In-House Program: WeCare

United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee is pleased to announce a new program added to the ever-growing collaborations offered.  United Way will be taking over the WeCare initiative, previously under the stewardship of The Salvation Army.  WeCare of Lee County is a health care program assisting the uninsured residents of Lee County.  The program allows participants suffering from acute medical conditions, unable to be managed or treated by a primary care physician, access to specialty medical care.

The WeCare Medical Referral Program works in collaboration with Lee Health, Lee County licensed specialty care providers, licensed diagnostic providers, and other health care systems credentialed by the State of Florida Health Department.  Benefits are provided to participants by partners as in-kind contributions for a wide array of services.

In order to qualify for WeCare, a primary care physician, clinic, or other medical facility must refer the case. No self-referrals are accepted.  Other qualifications include having an income at, or below, 200% of the defined poverty level, being a resident of Lee County for a minimum of 6 months, and being uninsured or not eligible for other sources that would pay for the needed medical care such as Medicare/Medicaid.

This program was created to assist those in medical situations that are unable to attain the health coverage they need.  Staff members familiar with the program have been hired by United Way; including Jacquelyn Kelley, who will serve as the Interim WeCare Director.

In 2018, WeCare had 475 Volunteer Providers that gifted 3,954 free hours of care, and served 930 patients.  The total value of donated care was $7,836,330.

Contact information for the WeCare program is: