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Our United Way Campaign is currently at 94.2% of goal! We need your help to make our goal and continue funding our network of partner agencies that are making a difference every day.

Sometimes changing the story means saving a life…

We could share the countless stories with you about helping children succeed, getting food to the hungry, assisting veterans, and helping families find stability. Instead, we’d like to share what recently with our 211 call center.

Our United Way 211 hotline exists to help people navigate the health and human services network and connect them to the resources available. Last year, our United Way 211 specialists fielded over 60,000 calls. We are not a crisis line but over the past 7 months, we have received over 56 active suicide calls. On January 30th one of those calls came in very early in the morning.

The gentleman who called was 70 years old. He was originally from New York and on 9/11/2001 he lost over 300 friends and acquaintances in the World Trade Center. Over the years since, he had lost 3 of his surviving friends to suicide. He was finally at the point where he no longer wanted to live. The specialist on the phone could hear the metal of the gun hitting the man’s teeth as he spoke to her around the gun in his mouth about how he couldn’t go on anymore.

Our United Way 211 call center in partnership with ACT was able to change the story for this man.

While one specialist was on the phone with law enforcement to get them to his home, the other specialist was able to keep him talking. Once law enforcement arrived at the home the specialist was able to get him to put the gun down on the floor and unlock the door for law enforcement. Your support helped us change a story of sure tragedy into one of hope and healing.

This is what you make possible through your United Way donation. YOU are the reason we are able to change the story for hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in our community.

We are asking you to please consider continuing your support so we can fully fund our United Way network of agencies and continue to change the story for the people of our community.

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