Scotlynn Gives Back to the Community

Volunteers from Scotlynn Division USA have been hard at work through this pandemic.  They have participated in several United Way Days of Caring throughout the last few months.   Our United Way Partner Agencies really appreciate these volunteers. They are such hard workers!

In February, the group helped LARC, Inc. with some projects that had been on their wish list once they were able to reopen.  Volunteers took time to rake, mulch, put up part of a roof on a shade structure, weed and trim, and really put a lot of muscle into the time spent on the campus.

“We want to thank United Way for connecting LARC with the amazing group of volunteers from Scotlynn!  This was the first volunteer group we have been able to have back on campus since last March and their passion and energy to tackle our list of projects was unparalleled.  The pandemic has left behind a list of “to-do’s” on campus and the Scotlynn volunteers were more the eager to help us cross some of those off.  From raising a roof, to revitalizing our water feature, their hands and hearts have left a mark here at LARC and we could not be more grateful!” Angela Katz, Interim Executive Director, LARC, Inc.

“We were grateful for the opportunity to give back to an organization such as LARC, which selflessly does so much for others in our community. The longevity and growth of LARC is a testament to just how important they are to Southwest Florida. We would also like to thank United Way for putting us in contact with the team at LARC, and helping to organize the project.  We were all so excited to be able to participate. It was a fulfilling experience for our volunteers and we are eager for future opportunities to do anything we can to contribute to the continued success of LARC.” Jeff Taylor – Logistics Account Manager – Scotlynn USA

The Scotlynn team also helped another United Way Partner Agency to freshen up their campus.  Saluscare’s Colonial campus was able to benefit from the hard work of the volunteers.  They painted parking lot lines and a fence; power washed, pulled some old bushes, and gave the entrance a nice facelift.  “Thanks to the volunteer group from Scotlynn, Saluscare’s Colonial Campus now has a fresh look on the outside with trimmed landscaping, a freshly washed building, and new parking lot lines.  Staff working at that location have commented on how the changes have made a huge difference and how appreciative they are of all the hard work the volunteers put into it!” Todd Cordisco, Vice President & Chief Communications Officer, SalusCare

“We appreciate our relationship with United Way as we partner with them throughout the year to give us opportunities to give back to our local community. We aim to focus on physically challenging projects that make a difference in the United Way Partner Agency’s experience while helping to keep us fit. Recently we helped Saluscare’s Colonial Campus recondition their grounds with our volunteers trimming hedges, painting parking lot lines, and power washing the building with hopes to enrich the look of the campus. The volunteers from Scotlynn enjoyed their experience at the event and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with United Way.” Chris Neptune, General Manager, Scotlynn USA Division

Scotlynn has several more projects planned with United Way in the upcoming months. Be on the lookout for more pictures and details!

United Way’s Days of Caring is a year-round program that connects groups with nonprofit agencies in need of assistance. Groups who have participated in United Way Volunteer Center projects report they feel more connected to their community and their group members while working to help people in need. It is one of the best ways for individuals to make an impact in their community.  Groups have many choices as they select projects needed by the agencies, including the type of project, location in our community, degree of physical labor, and full-day or half-day time commitment. Even in the COVID era, there are still projects to be done and agencies that need assistance. If your company is interested in setting up a Day of Caring, please contact Kim Berghs at 239.433.7547 or