Lee County Childcare


United Way is happy to partner with Lee County Government to distribute CARES funding to eligible childcare providers across our community. Gold Seal Providers, 3.5 + Composite Score Providers, Municipalities, and United Way Partner Agencies are eligible to receive funding to scholarship children whose families have been impacted by COVID-19.

The program will run through the end of the year, or until the funds have been exhausted.

Families must have a proven loss of income or job as a direct result of COVID-19. Families interested in benefiting from the program must complete an application with their chosen provider. Fully completed applications must be turned into the provider with a copy of the applicants Drivers License or ID, and documentation showing loss of income or employment as a direct result of COVID-19. The intent of the scholarship is to provide families returning to work or who have experienced cut wages as a result of COVID-19 assistance with childcare. Applications are being reviewed actively and providers will be directly notified of approval status of applications. Please do not contact United Way directly for an update on your application or to request an application.

Please note that if you are currently not registered with your selected childcare provider, enrollment documentation and application may be required.

Funding will be awarded with a cap of $2,500. The funding duration will depend on the specific childcare facility your child is enrolled in.

Below is a list of providers who are currently enrolled in the program. Please note some programs may not currently be open, or have capacity. Additional provider enrollment documents may be required. Please call your selected provider to find out more information. This list will change frequently as we add more providers. General program questions may be sent to childcare@unitedwaylee.org.


Growing Room Childcare Development Center, Bonita Springs, 239-495-0045, Status: Open

YMCA – Bonita Springs, Bonita Springs, 239-221-7560, Status: 8-Jun

Educare Academy and Child Care, Bonita Springs, 239-992-3424, Status: Open


Kid’s World Preschool, Cape Coral, 239-573-7233, Status: Open

YMCA, Cape Coral, 239-275-9622, Status: Open

Wellington Academy NC – Cape Coral – 239- 574-8818, Status: Open

Wellington Academy SC – Cape Coral – 239- 549-8818, Status: Open

Cape Child Development, Cape Coral, 239-424-3858, Status: Open

All Aboard Daycare, Cape Coral, 239-574-2904, Status: Open

All Superstars Midtown, Cape Coral, 239-574-3515, Status: Open

All Superstars Downtown, Cape Coral, 239-540-7847, Status: Open

Bella’s Kidz Academy, Cape Coral, 239-772-8884, Status: Open

Sonrise Academy- Cape Coral-  239-573-6433, Status: Open


New Horizons of SWFL, Estero, 239-948-4146, Status: 8-Jun


Alliance for the Arts- Musical Theatre Intensive Camp, Fort Myers, 239-939-2787, Status: Open

Boys and Girls Club of Lee County, Fort Myers, 239-334-1886, Status: Open

Calvary Christian School, East Ft. Myers, 239-693-1257, Status: Open

Child Care of SWFL – P. A. Geraci Child Development Center, Fort Myers, 239-337-4995, Status: Open

Child Care of SWFL -Joseph H. Messina Children’s Center, Fort Myers, 239-278-1148, Status: Open

Child Care of SWFL – The Children’s Learning Center, Fort Myers, 239-267-1136, Status: Open

City of Fort Myers – Billy Bowlegs, Fort Myers, 239-321-7545, Status: Open

City of Fort Myers – Shady Oaks, Fort Myers, 239-321-7545, Status: Open

City of Fort Myers – STARS, Fort Myers, 239-321-7545, Status: Open

City of Fort Myers – Riverside, Fort Myers, 239-321-7545, Status: Open

City of Fort Myers – Skatium, Fort Myers, 239-321-7545, Status: Open

Creative World Estero- Fort Myers- (239) 415-7845, Status: Open

Creative World Gateway- Fort Myers- (239) 208-8842, Status: Open

Growing Room Development Center II, Fort Myers, 239-466-6646, Status: Open

I WILL Mentorship, Fort Myers, 239-666-8171, Status: Open

Montessori School, Fort Myers, 239-936-4515, Status: Open

The Heights Center, Fort Myers, 239-482-7706 ext. 1060, Status: Open

YMCA – Fort Myers, Fort Myers, 239-275-9622, Status: Open

Bobbie Noonan Childcare at Fort Myers- Fort Myers-239-939-2255, Status: Open

Wellington Academy FM – Fort Myers – (239) 275-8818, Status: Open

Jackson Family Childcare- Fort Myers – 239-770-8336, Status: Open

Bestday Child Care Center- Fort Myers- 239-437-1902, Status: Open

Bright Beginnings Early School- Ft. Myers- 239-433-2232, Status: Open

Happy Time Learning Academy, Ft. Myers, 239-851-8402, Status: Open

Kim’s Happy Time Child Care, Ft. Myers, 239-851-8402, Status: Open

Challenged Minds Learning Center- Fort Myers, 239- 275-2031, Status: Open

Kendrick Family Daycare – Fort Myers, 239- 337-7188, Status: Open

Health Park Child Dev Center, Ft. Myers, 239-343-6130, Status: Open

Lee Memorial Child Dev Center, Ft. Myers, 239-343-3098, Status: Open

Little Blessings Preschool, Ft. Myers, 239-243-8488, Status: Open

Williams FCCH, Ft. Myers, 239-334-9525, Status: Open

Bright Futures Children’s Center, Ft. Myers, 239-791-6294, Status: Open

ABC Preschool Inc., Ft. Myers, 239-693-0090, Status: Open


Deana’s Country Kids- North Fort Myers, 239-995-2293, Status: Open

Faith Academy- North Fort Myers- 239-543-0804, Status: Open

Good Shepard Lutheran Church & School- North Fort Myers- 239-995-7711, Status: Open

Advanced Learning Academy, North Ft Myers – 239-731-6600, Status: Open

All Superstars North Ft. Myers, North Ft Myers, 239-599-2031, Status: Open


Boys and Girls Club of Lee County, Fort Myers Beach, 239-334-1886, Status: Open

City of Fort Myers Beach Summer Camp, Fort Myers Beach, https://www.fortmyersbeachfl.gov/997/Youth-Programs, Status: Open


Boys and Girls Club of Lee County, Lehigh, 239-334-1886, Status: Open

Busy Bees 1, Lehigh, 239-368-0157, Status: Open

Busy Bees LC 2, Lehigh, 239-491-6433, Status: Open

Child Care of SWFL – The Community Children’s Center, Lehigh, 239-369-2220, Status: Open

Open Doors Preschool, Lehigh, (239) 303-1944, Status: Open

YMCA – Lehigh, Lehigh, 239-275-9622, Status: Open

Loving Hands – Lehigh – 239-303-5858, Status: Open

Straight A’s Preschool, Lehigh – 239-368-2773, Status: Open

All My Children Home Child Care, Lehigh, 239-628-7670, Status: Open

Borges Hernandez Family Child Care, Lehigh, 786-475-6052, Status: Open

Aponte Family Child Care in Lehigh – 239-200-1410, Status: Open

Fantasy World Academy in Lehigh – 239-895-5799, Status: Open


City of Sanibel Recreation Center, 239-472-0345, Status: Open


Pine Island Academy, Pine Island, 239-458-2974, Status: Open