The Allocations process is the cornerstone of our United Way. It ensures fiscal and program accountability for all agencies receiving United Way funds while meeting the social services needs of our community. In the process, volunteers challenge each agency’s effectiveness at providing services, review the need for those services in the region, and analyze the impact of United Way funding in meeting those needs.

The Committee composes of over 351 volunteers from throughout the community representing diversity in experience, gender, race, and age. The Committee is divided into 25 teams, including a team dedicated to new agency admissions. Each team reviews 3 agencies. After reviewing proposals submitted by the Agencies, team members attend a pre-site meeting, visit each of their assigned agencies, and participate in a post site meeting to formulate recommended allocations. Through this process, each team member familiarizes itself with the agency and the services it provides, and then works to arrive at a recommendation for United Way funding in the upcoming year. The team leader takes the recommendation from the Post-site meeting to a meeting with other team leaders where recommendations for each agency are finalized. In June, these recommendations are presented to the United Way Board of Directors for approval and form the basis for the United Way campaign in the fall.


2013-2014 Allocations Executive Summary Report

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